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Dear All,

You will reflect on the movies we have seen in the class via this website.

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  1. I really liked watching Bollywood movies.During the first hour of the movie, it shows how Ishaan acts daily. It was pretty normal. But the second half of the movie is where the extreme things happen. Most especially when Nikhumb suddenly appears in the picture as Ishaan’s art teacher. There were scenes in the movie where in you would not help but cry because you will be touched of how the little boy copes up with his new school, new home, new environment, and most especially new friends.

    This movie is not just about a boy suffering from Dyslexia but it is also about how parents deal with these kind of situation. The movie has not succeeded in making every child a hero but it actually helped us see a child in ourselves. A number of sequences leave you moist eyed and you feel deeply attached to the child. At the end of the movie you are left speechless and spellbound. Unlike any other enlightening entertainer which focuses more on the hero, Aamir has given the child more footage and captured every emotion deftly thereby focusing on its root cause and maintaining its significance throughout the movie. This movie is not just for kids, but definitely for parents also.

    Taare Zameen Par has a very strong and really deep message for all those who are going to watch. It will make you empathize with the kid. It will make you realize that people have different ways and kinds of learning. Some will be better in the arts and some will be better in Mathematics. You will learn some facts that will really inspire you. Like for example, some of the world’s renowned geniuses are dyslexic or has a difficulty in learning. The final parts of the movie will definitely motive you to try your best and never give up.
    From : Umut Ulamış

  2. I think it is a quality and educational movie. First part of the movie is boring, actually. But after the Nikhumb's coming, everything was changed like Ishaan's life. Nikhumb is an art teacher who is helpful. And he was dyslexia when he was a child. Therefore he know that Ishaan's feelings and he is trying to help him. He want to explain that if you want to do, you can do everything. This is just about your selection. If you really want to do, difficulties can't block to you. Every child is special, as long as we brace them. In the movie, Ishaan's father who is very strict, don't brace to Ishaan. Then he go to Ishaan's school and he see that Ishaan can read something. And he realize that make a mistake. That movie which narrates to the boy who is dyslexia, is so educational and significant.
    From: Oğuzhan Şenel

  3. Number of letters detection problem Ishaan living environment and family are treated by lazy and retarded. After boarding school in order to learn to work with a film about the life changing and the success he met an art teacher. Failed in Ishaan course, most of his work is inconsistent child, writing and reading, although not learned in 3rd grade, book income as if the words are dancing every open it. This results in the failure of an introvert and wrapped into a pessimistic mood, Ishaan is found happiness and freedom away from the people. Despite the interest in his father's hard-line stance of the mother causes a return to life in the mental world of Ishaan. Ram is an art teacher who dropped off the hope of complete everything changes literally Ishaan's life. I think the most beautiful scenery in the film Ishaan's art teacher to draw a picture of her and Ishaan crying from happiness to see this picture. A really terrific subject boring than the first scene in the film narrative is described

  4. The Pursuit of Happyness

    This was definitely a tear jerker for emotional people. It was pretty pointless with the f word on the wall. The sad thing is is that the movie is based on a true story. It was okay. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.

    Taare Zameen Par

    Nice review I must say. Aamir Khan has a made a beautiful movie. Only twice has this happened that I have had tears in my eyes watching a movie. One was when DJ was crying on Sue’s lap in RDB and in the last scene of TZP. Ishaan’s new found confidence in the last scene is one of the best scenes of the wonderful movie. Can’t say about actor Aamir Khan , but Darsheel Safary will walk away with all critical appreciations.

    From : Hatice Yerlikaya

  5. TZP : This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Being a father of two children, this movie opens your eyes & changes your attitude towards children. At times, we as parents, fail to understand our own children & instead of helping them, we tend to ignore their capabilities & limitations. This movie portrays that same failure.
    Though this movie tackles the subject of a dyslexic child, I personally feel that the message can apply to any child. Every child is different. It is important to understand every child differently and recognize his or her weakness and talent. That is so well picturized in this movie.
    The movie goes on to show that there is so much pressure on the little children to do well in all aspects of life. That pressure can bury the child's own desire to do something different.
    I would really recommend this movie for every parent. Not just parents but to everyone. This movie should be shown in all schools across India & abroad. As parents and teachers, it is important for us to help children by understanding them & not by pressuring them to perform well.
    Great masterpiece by Aamir Khan.

    TPOH : The film is always in the pursuit of great things, and we are always tasked with feeling depressed or emotional when the story unfolds, and lead character Will Smith and his real life son Jaden give is so many reasons to feel this way after watching The Pursuit of Happyness.
    Based on a true story, Smith plays Chris Gardner, a smart and traditional family man, but also a down on his luck individual who is late with his rent, his childcare payments and and must fund these essentials through the sale of bone density scanners, a luxurious spin on X-ray machines, and that exact point is just what makes these things so hard to sell, a pointless luxury.
    As Chris is tempted by the perks of being a stockbroker in the 1980s, his wife Linda (Thandie Newton) has had enough of Chris' lack of deliverance on the family front, and decides enough is enough. The punch here, however, is that Chris is desperately trying to provide for his family, he just doesn't know how.
    When Chris decides to pursue the stockbroker prospect, he gets accepted onto an unpaid internship lasting six months. As Chris delegates over what his future prospects are, he must think about the present, and of course his son.
    Will Smith delivers an awe-inspiring performance as the unlucky man in San Francisco, we see his anger, frustration but love for his son all at play, and he must put up with many people he simply don't understand. Smith's son Jaden also performs brilliantly in his debut performance as Chris' son Christopher, he's just a kid who wants to have a normal life, but also seems to understand what his father is going through, and shows flashes of his dad's intelligence which creates a wonderful father/son dynamic, even when a night spent in a public toilet just for warmth brings them closer than ever.
    But what has been sacrificed in an otherwise flawless film is the notion that even if the real story of Chris Gardner isn't familiar to the viewer, there is rarely a downbeat moment where we believe there isn't going to be a happy ending, the constant talk of happiness and how it may be misinterpreted are giveaways throughout the film, leading to a predictable, but still satisfying ending.
    A touching and happy story is told, with inspired performances from Will and Jaden Smith that works on the father and son dynamic of being a team and always sticking around for each other. 

  6. About Taare Zameen Par : I don't like india movies so I rarely watch Indıa Films but after watched this film I felt I was biased. By the way the film is very emotional insomuch that can cry. Whatever Aamir Khan's film are very succesfully we know it and again see that. Taare Zameen Par film reminded me something so ı liked this film. I think this film include some social messages but while give a social message , people aren't disgust and this very important thing for me. Because some films do this but they're very bored so people don't watch a lot. By the way Music is very good in the Film. Actually ı explain one thing : While ı watch this film , ı pity children in the film ı don't know why. I am going to suggest this film for friends.I can't talk anything about film.

  7. the movie was pretty good, and you don't get bored. It was about that everyone needs a little attention. one scene I liked most of the movie was when Ishaan sent a book to his mother. It touched me very much. Aamir khan was interesting in the film. the scene I didn't like was when Ishaans Daddy left him to dormitory. it's woke up my feelings. the only person who was not good in the film was Ishaans dad.
    Taare Zaamen Par
    Furkan Sacid Yayla

  8. The Pursuit of the Happyness is the best movie about of determination, I think. It teaches to don't give up. Cris is a so strong man. He and his family are poor but Cris never gives up. He is trying to find a way of to save his life again and again. He doesn't give up when he has a problem. This is a really good message for us. And Will Smith is so succesful at the Cris role. He is producer of the movie by the way. The musics are convenient and nice for the movie. Good topic, good actors and good musics. If I can do, I give an Oscar them. Perfectly job.

  9. Chris Gardner lives in San Francisco with his wife Linda and son Christopher. Chris takes over the sales of expensive and obsolete technology equipment. Fails in the sale of this product and leave her his wife Linda. Chris is looking for a new job to earn money. Chris met with the manager of a famous company. Chris affects to manager and works in the company as an intern. He works so hard and he be successful at his job. He pass his exam and be a broker. He saves his life for never give up. The movie is great for me. Because it has a very important message.

  10. I enjoyed the movie very much. It was a very good movie. the film was about that you should never give up. I think it was will Smith's best film. the film was really sensitive but I did not cry. I could recommend the movie to anyone. It was really sad scenes at gilmen but mostly sad vsr when the mother left her child. the film's great scene was when Chris Gardner got the job. the film also told about poverty. the end of the movie was really good.
    The Pursuit of Happyness
    Furkan Sacid Yayla

  11. About second film : The Pursuit of Happyness. Firstly, tahnk you for recommed the film because the best film in my life. Normaly i dont like kind of films but i am wrong. Whatever this film was touching even i will cry. İt was joke :) the topic of films is very nice choosing. Actor is dominated by topic so this film is better than other films for me. By the way i think the end of film was bad. i wish i had a better end. Thats all :) i am going to wait to new film :)


  12. About Taare Zameen Par :
    Usually I dont like indian movies but I like this film. it`s 3th indian film I was like.
    The others were `my name is khan` and `3 idiots`. I liked it because this film showed more
    important things. For example: about family relationship or relationship with frends,classmates.
    He was a dreamer but anybady can`t understood that dreaming or imaging is good for children or people.
    If we can`t to dream anythings, we can`t belive and we can`t do anythings. Dreaming is important for
    our brain. But they can`t understood that and killed his dreams, his talent. That`s was bad and
    I started hate them but when the new teacher is come evrything is changed. And the new teacher saw his
    talent and showed his parents it`s not stupitness. Its a talent. Exactly all sceans were good whitout
    the Dancing sceans. I hate thet they introtuce some things and starting to dance.
    In my opnion, if hollywood made this film it maybe better than bollywood.

  13. The last week's movie was "the pursuit of happiness".
    Firstly i like that Cris Gardner seperate his life parts. İ think it's good for remember all things about our life. There were a few parts but long one was the "running". He always was ranning for save his family. So, my morol from this movie is "keep your hope and run for that".
    İ think this film like the last week's film "Taare Zameen Par", because in two film were same thing. Evrythings was going to be bad but something happned and it's chang to godness. İ like the scene which about time traviling. İt's showed us that we can imaging evrythings whitout dreams if we believe that enough. That was funny but then he sold his blood for get money and this realy make me sad. Anyway, the last little part's name is "happiness". When he passed the exam and get the new jop he was crying but he call that "happiness". İt realy was ironic and impressive.
    Finaly i want say: "that was funny. İ like that" (c) Chris Gardner.

  14. About Taare Zameen Par
    this movie tells a story about a little boy named Ishaan who secretly suffers dyslexia syndrome since birth. However, nobody knows nor notice his problem as a special children. Ishaan’s brother is a top student in school who often scores high marks in his examination and also his father’s all-time favourite son due to the fact that he is able to make his father happy with his incredible performance in school. Ishaan in the other hand appears to be a child that are not able to write or even write. His poor performance in school depressed his father so much that he often being hit.

    The climax of the conflict reach when Ishaan was sent to a boarding school because the school and parents couldn’t take it anymore. In the new school, Ishaan appeared as a very quite and passive children with nobody to understand them, not even the teachers nor the principal. But it all ended when a replacement teacher Nikhumb attend his class to teach arts. Nikhumb was once an dyslexia children back during his childhood. He were able to trace Ishaan’s syndrome and decided to help him to gain back his spirit and also in his study.
    This movie taught me something about teaching: NEVER call your student with any negative words because it’s degrading and demotivating the student. Ishaan felt useless after being bombard with massive negative words from the teachers such as ‘stupid’, ‘lazy’ and so on. Teachers should never label their student as bad. Even if it is true, teachers should motivate them, not making it a real permanent fact in the student. Let’s stop all these judgmental attitude and start care for each other!
    Atilla Selvi

  15. I was fortunate to see this movie in a screening. I
    really enjoyed it, and felt that it lived up to the
    teary and heartwarming trailer. While the movie
    has an uplifting "go for your dreams" message, the
    deepest theme is that of family.
    Will Smith did a great job as the father trying to
    protect his son from their circumstances of
    becoming homeless as much as he can, while at the
    same time trying to work in the competitive world
    of stocks as an un-paid intern. Jaden Smith was
    outstanding as the preschool-aged kid who knows
    things are going wrong and tries to have a stiff
    upper lip, but just can't do it all the time.
    The story is very touching and was close to home
    for me. My family has been through some tough
    times, and this movie just reminded me of how
    much my parents struggled to provide for our
    family and yet kept life fun as much as they
    could. I am excited to go see this with my parents
    as a way to say thank you.
    -Senem Demir

  16. About Good Will Hunting;

    I think this film is extremely perfect like the movies we watched before that. Robin Williams's movies are successful, generally. Also Good Will Hunting has a wonderful message for us. I think the most important things about of movies are their messages. Good Will Hunting's message is "You should do what do you want. You have to don't give up for a happy life." Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Robin Williams are so successful, like always. Everybody should watch this movie.

  17. The Good Will Hunting:

    Will has a lot of problems and has a badly past. Then he untied a problem and changed his life. He don't want to be a math professor. He said that to his psychologist. And finally he decided to run his dreams. Good Will Hunting is a perfect movie. And actors are successful. I advice this movie.


  18. Good Will Hunting

    This movie is really encouraging me to study.Also remind me that nothing is impossible.Massachusetts Institute of Technology the best and famous universities in the world.My favorite scene in the movie conversations with psychological doctor.Sean Maguire gave some advice him and Sean Maguire changed his life.I don't like Will reckless talking.My idea,good movie


  19. We're watching great movies when we'll do movie analysis.movies give us a lot of messages. This film tells about a smart guy and have no expectations of life. I watched first time Robbin Williams movie. I think he was a good actor. the movie's best scene was when will has said the sentence to the child in the bar. the film's saddest scene was when will messed with his girlfriend. Anyone who cannot express themselves so well should see this film. I'm not disappointed to saw this film.
    The Good Will Hunting
    Furkan Sacid Yayla

  20. goog will hunting

    Robbin Williams is incredibly ntelligent, wise, shrewd and cocky.Will's psychological disorder but He is also an extraordinary mathematical genius, who likes to solve math problems.He discovered from a professor at MIT .My first actor Robbin Williams.He very good actor.Will has wanderful message for us.I was watching enjoy this movie.

    Soner Nurettin Saral.

  21. Will a troubled child . it is also very clever a professor discovered the side professor will help to and many work settings but decided to pursue the I think doing it right will give you the
    because that would be more than happ. Şaziye Mercan

  22. The last week`s movie was "Good Will Hunting".
    This movie about a boy who a houskeeper in MIT. His name is Will Hunting and he is very smart boy. He find the answer of the guession which the professor give to his students and then Will`s life is been change.
    At first he was selfish but he changed after the meeting with Sean Maguire who his Therapist. At the first meeting with Sean, Will tried to describe Sean from the picture which Sean drawed adn there was o boat.
    But at the second meet, Sean talk about that it`s impossible to descirbe anyone at the first interview. This scene realy was impressive and emosional.
    I think the funniest scenes of the movie are "Do you like apples?" and "She waked up herself when she cut the cheese" which Sean talk about his wife.
    In my oponion the best scene of this movie is "the bar scene". His mind and thinks about education are realy perfect. He showed us that we can study without spend more many to university, school or somewhere like that. We just can go a libary and to study ourself if we want that for us not for get a sertificate or then get a good jop.
    This film also has a subliminal message at final scenes. The scene was around 3 or 4 second and there was a boat was going. I guess it was about they step away from their problem.
    Finaly i want say i watched this film before but i`m glad to watch it again.

  23. About "Rise Up":
    Firstly, I want to say that I like this short movie but the musics could be better. The traveller show us the wonderful places that he visited. I really like Italy and Antartica views. They were perfect. If there are some Venice views, the movie could be better but it is okey now, too.

  24. Eat & Pray & Love
    The movie has a confusing language. So, I missed some important things about the movie. Expectially, The Indian Man's accent is awful. I like the Italian teacher's accent. Only it was clear. But the director and his team are really good at to show one country's culture. They won an Oscar from me.

  25. About ""Ratatouille"".
    I liked Ratatouile. I watched film beforehand. But
    anyway it was nice. The film's topic was about that
    Youshould believes yourself. The film's kind was
    animation. The characters were very succesful.
    The film's protagonists were a nice and a clumsy
    child. The movie's best scene was when they made
    ratatouille. The movie 's worst scene was when
    chef guasteu dead. The film also took oscar
    But the film should finished better.
    Furkan Sacid YAYLA

  26. The Bucket List.

    I can call it "God jop by two legendary artist".

    Sometimes you must enjoy the life even if the situation is difficult.. The wonderful scenario..
    You can feel evry feelings during the movie. It make you funny, enjoyable, emotional, thoughtful, and sad.
    You will fulled joy of life by the movie.
    The acting is indisputable. Please, they are Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.
    It Worth watching this movie. You can watch it with your family and friends

    Protogonists are, of course, Carter and Edward.
    I feel that this movie hasn't Antogonist.
    In my oponion The Climax point is "kiss the most beautiful girl in the world" scene.
    Becouse the old and grumpy man Edward meet his granddaughter at unexpected time and kiss her.
    And the Resdution point is happened after Carter's dead.

  27. About The Bucket List

    Firstly I want to say, the movie is the most expressive movie I have been watched . It is talking about two ilness man's adventure. When their hopes come to an end they decide to do whatever they want. They try to make real their dreams. The story is really good one.

    Protogontist are Edward and Carter, but it is hard to find antagonist, actually. Maybe Carter's wife can be antagonist because she is trying to block them. She is against to them. The climax is my favorite scene where Edward talks to his daughter on Carter’s insistence.

    I can watch that movie more than one time. It can changes people's life or aspects. Everyone should watch.

  28. The theory of evrything.

    In my oponion, this movie have all the makings of about Stephen Hawking.
    Such as, historical aspect, biographic aspect and, his real life's aspect.
    On the other hand, Eddie Redmayne made a incredible acting jop.
    For that reason, on the premier of this movie,
    Stephen Hawking said that "At times, I thought he was me."

    Protogonists are Stephen Hawking and Jane Hawking.
    For the Antogonist maybe we can call the woman who are take after Stephen Hawking.
    Becouse of Stephen get along with her but does not with Jane.
    The Climax point is news about his illnes.
    The Resdution point is came after "invation to bordeaux"

  29. WALL-E

    This movie's genre is animation and it's also a kind of adventure and Sci-Fi.
    It's an animation but it not only for children. Each generation can whatch it.
    I think, the "animations for children" cliche has been destroyed by this movie. Becouse, Wall-e movie really have a strong story and turn of phrase.
    This movie showed us some probability about our future.
    We have some wishs or expectations from future but this movie showed their negative aspects. It means we have to be careful about our selections.
    And also Wall-e movie bring to my mind the story about Adam and Eve. In that, first Wall-e was alone in the world
    but then Eve came and evrything start to change.
    I think, evryone ought to see that. It's really enjoyable.

  30. WALL-E

    This movie's genre is animation and it's also a kind of adventure and Sci-Fi.
    It's an animation but it not only for children. Each generation can whatch it.
    I think, the "animations for children" cliche has been destroyed by this movie. Becouse, Wall-e movie really have a strong story and turn of phrase.
    This movie showed us some probability about our future.
    We have some wishs or expectations from future but this movie showed their negative aspects. It means we have to be careful about our selections.
    And also Wall-e movie bring to my mind the story about Adam and Eve. In that, first Wall-e was alone in the world
    but then Eve came and evrything start to change.
    I think, evryone ought to see that. It's really enjoyable.

  31. About "Wall E"
    To be honest I didn't like "Wall E". The film's topic was good and watching was boring. The film's
    topic was about that Future of world. The film's kind
    was animation. The characters usually were robot.
    The film took OSCAR but I think I deserved.
    The movie's best scene was Robots met each other.
    The movie's saddest scene was when Wall E
    was destroyer. I think The film isn't really good....

  32. Dead Poets Society

    This movie's genre is drama.
    Dead Poets Society is one of the great example for drama genre.
    Someones says that this movie so boring but ı don't think so.
    It maybe becouse of this movie is old and not fast but it's normal for drama movies.
    I think, it's one of the perfect movies of Robin Williams'. This movie did same revolition to look on movie.
    Mr. Keating was fighting against the conservative and orthodoxy attitude of the school managment.
    He teachs students to cut their books, stand away from conventionality and, enjoy your life.
    If you are interesting in drama genre you should watch it.

  33. It was a great drama movie. And it is one of my favorite movies. It is talking about the importance of living in the moment. And this is called 'Carpe Diem' in the movie. It is hard to decide protagonist and antogonist for me. The protagonist is a student who is studying at the school like a prison and the antagonist is his father. And I can say that the protogonist is Mr Keating and the antagonist is the principal. But all the way, our feelings or the things we want to do, are fighting against rules. It was really good movie. They deserve The Oscar which they won.

  34. The Truman Show

    Truman Show's genre is drama. But, I think there are a lot of comedy part in Truman Show thanks to Jim Carrey.
    We can say a lot of things about this movie but it's not enough to explane this movie well. For me it's a cult movie
    which show us how TV shows take our life from us and we became addect to watch TV shows. The prodecer are not care about
    this man's life. They only think earn money. This movie also tell us that we must explore new things in our life and
    don't be in same life way make a change. This is why I love this movie.

  35. UP

    Genre: Animation.
    Protogonists: Carl, Russell.
    Antogonist: Charles Muntz.

    Summary: There is an old man,Carl, who trying to keep his promise, which he gave to his wife. And ind this andventure,
    Russell, a kid who imagine to be wild scout, will help to him to keep his promise about build a house on paradise falls.

    In my opinion, "UP" is one of the best animation ever.Ther is something imaginary but there is somethin realistic, as well.
    First, the fly house, paradise falls and etc, are impasible stuffs but "UP" shows us that as real or posible stuffs.
    secon, for me, the love story of Ellie and Carl is the most important part of this movie.
    This is like a true story and it is so effectiv on people who are whatched it.
    Finaly, the balance of imaginary and realistic makes this movie comfortable and effective.
    For an animation movie it is a great success.

  36. Happy Feet is a great animation movie. It has a good topic which talks about importance of helping each other. Also it says that it is not important to be different from your family. If you feel you belong there, then you are. I think the climax scene is the scene that other penguins came to help. Because it shows the whole message the movie has. Animations like this are important for the movie culture because they have good messages for childs and adults. Whe should pay more attention for animations like this. I advice Happy Feet to everybody. It is really nice.

    Oğuzhan Şenel

  37. The Pursuit of Happynes

    The movie's genre is drama.Its protagonis is Chris Gardner.I don't like this kind movies.But it is not bad.The movie is an experienced story.So i think the movie is interesting.The movie is worth watching!!

  38. The Pursuit of Happynes

    İt is good Movie. The Movie gentre is drama. Chris Gardner is good actor. He was a good job. He never back down. I like the Movie.

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  40. ıt was a good movie for be succesful. you are my idol cris :)

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  42. The Pursuit Of Happyness

    Players are very successful. The movie gentre is drama. I understand that we need to be strong against the barriers. We must give up our dreams. The film gave me a lesson. There is a nothing negative, everything was perfect.


    It describes how to be a success. It is a combination of material and spiritual means. Talking about their integirty. I think it was a good short film. It gave the required message.

  44. Scent Of A Woman

    Al Pacino movie makes perfect, with this film received an Oscar and he has deserued. He made a speech at the school court and it was perfect. Tango scene was wery nice. It is a normal film. The story of two oppsite people. Actors are so good. I dont understand how even finished. Everyone should watch this movie.

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  46. Scent Of A Woman

    Movie genres is Drama. Actually, I do not like this movie because this movie was too slow.i dont understand to the subject of the movie. Al Pacino is perfect but not enough. Tango scene was very nice and the messages were nice. Al Pacino deserves the Oscar.

    Buğra Sözer


    How can we be successful? We have to work to be successful.There are always sacrifices to be successful.This is a good short movie.He told the very nice success.

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  49. The Pursuit Of Happyness

    It is a wonderful film because, first of all Will Smith is a very good actor for drama movies. He lives Chris Gardner, it is very hard to a performer. I think, If another actor played Chris Gardner, the movie wasn't a legend.

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  51. Scent of a Woman

    Genre: Drama
    Some people talk about "Life School's" importance. I didn't understand to this day. After I watched the film, I understood "Life School's" importance. To be a good person; There are some important thing from academic career. There are dignity, honor, honesty. The film shows this.


    The short film showed us, "Succes" has a lot of meanings; obvious or undetected, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, easy or hard... There's more.

  53. I didn't like scent of a woman. Because it was very slow and very boring.I l didn't understand what happen in the movie.

  54. Success
    If you have succes, you can do what you want.sucees isn't only money or power.

  55. The Pursuit Of Happyness
    If we want to be successfull, we must believe.

  56. Scent of a Woman

    I really like the movie. In the beginnig it was going slow and later it is starting to be interesting. The most important scenes of the movie tango, Ferrari and suicide scene. He can't see but he is doing perfectly tango and he is driving a car. In the suicide scene we see the Lieutenant's hopeless side. Her said "What life? I got no life! I'm in the dark here. Do you understand? I'm in the dark." That is so unexpected words from Frank I think. Al Pacino is a very talented actor. He is not just acting I think he is living the character.

  57. "Scent of a woman"

    Tango scene was very impressive. Both music and great visuals. Will be not erased from my memory. Gabrielle was very beatiful. It explains the importance of friendship and loyalty.

  58. The pursit of happyness

    I think W.Smith's example is a father. He is devoted. His perseverance and success was very impressive. He hugged the crying child was emotional. You can feel the drama of the film.

  59. "Success"
    Successful to realize our dreams and impossible to overcome.

  60. Really nice. This short movie adds new things about success to me. The animation of the video was a dream like.

  61. Life of pi
    pi was a survivor on the sea and he traveled the some interesting islands.i think, he was sockhed and he made a lots of carzy idea.

  62. Life Of Pi

    It was a real event. A tiger and a human. I was imperessed from the film. People kind of animals. Even this animals are more compassionate. Briefly, i enjoyed the movie. Friendship would be in every way. Everyone should see this film. They will not regret it. A successful film.

  63. Life Of Pi

    It was a real event. A tiger and a human. I was imperessed from the film. People kind of animals. Even this animals are more compassionate. Briefly, i enjoyed the movie. Friendship would be in every way. Everyone should see this film. They will not regret it. A successful film.

  64. Life of Pi

    The movie tell us "Don't lose your hope." I think Pi is a strong boy because ve lost his family and he with a tiger in a boat. He never gives up and he thanks to God all the time. The iceland scene was awesome I really liked it.

  65. Bu yorum yazar tarafından silindi.

  66. The movie is pretty good and fun. I like the movie. I think producer and the movie are very succesfull. I didn`t bored when I watch the movie. Thank you.

  67. I think the film is best . I mean people see death near the bucket this use subject beatiful and be film successful .

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    This movie is about two old men.they are very sick and they don't care the life,they are living in the moment.

    Everyone can cook.You musn't judge people with their outfit.

  71. 3 IDIOTS
    Bad system of scholls'.familys' always want their children do,What they want

    I think, everyone can do something but everyone can't be master.

  73. 3 IDIOTS
    There is a system. The system says us what we will do. Some peoples don't match the rules and be successful. We must like this peoples.

  74. 3 IDIOTS
    There is a system. The system says us what we will do. Some peoples don't match the rules and be successful. We must like this peoples.

    This is really good movie,because they are using virtual reality.when ı watched the movie,ı felt like on the mars.

  76. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter.


    This movie better than other space movies.Lead role actor is very succeed this movie can understand everthing and excited

    a gooey film but maintained balance. This movie deserves the Oscar.The father did the things.
    The most beautiful thing in the movie when the child is innocent that impressed me.I think,you should watch this movie.


    The movie is boring of some scenes but subject is perfect. Will Smith playing succesfully the character. The fine details success even. The movie ends meaningful.Joy and sadness together.